ADTI Business Plans

In order to facilitate the availability of ADTI technology/products to the defense and commercial markets, ADTI has divided the business plan into short term plan and long term plans.

Under short term plan ADTI is focused on the projects that can be accomplished and delivered without major modifications to the current prototypes. These projects include:

High power Up-link and Down-link phased array antenna systems.

Currently these high power data link systems use the pointing parabolic dish antennas driven by high power transmitter sources such as Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier (TWTA) and high power Solid-State Power Amplifier (SSPA). The antenna systems based on the parabolic dish antennas are very large and heavy being steered by the mechanical gimbals and motors. As a result they are very expensive and cannot scan the RF beam rapidly and accurately.

ADTI’s current phased array prototype (10 inch by 10 inch size with weight less than 8 lbs) design integrated with low loss wideband high power handling multi-line phase shifters and built-in-power splitters provide excellent solution.  These small size phased array antennas with electronic beam steering are well suited for SATCOM and UAV applications requiring limited space for payload.

Transceivers and Diplexer/multiplexers

These products use printed technology and can also be delivered in short time frame.

Extension of Low Loss Wideband Beam Steering (Phase shifter device) Technology to the next generation radar, sensors, and wideband commercial communication systems.

This project will require further miniaturization of phase shifter design in addition to environmental qualifications in order to make them more compatible for airborne applications.

High Performance Electronically Scanned Antennas (ESAs)

ADTI plans to extend its proprietary phased array designs to cover the communications and radar frequency ranges up to 40 GHz.